Living in disregard of your health and well-being?

This blog is for the dissemination of information which has proven to be beneficial to me in moving my life towards  a more “normal” state of being. What I mean by normal, is that state of human being-ness that is feels healthy and fulfilled at every level.
I have no hidden agenda. I do not follow the teachings of another self-proclaimed enlightened being, nor am I religiously inclined. I have been blessed with a life full of interesting experiences, wonderful people, modest wealth, and a sense of well-being that I am truly grateful for.
We are all different but we are also all the same, so my goal with this site is to offer my ideas and to relate my successes and failures in improving my life, health and happiness.
Bear with me because there is no defined beginning or end to this journey, just small success and failures ultimately bringing one’s self regard into focus and allowing life to be lived at maximum potential.